I'm looking to get my own Static Trapeze in the near future, but I know nearly nothing about them. 

I will be ordering it from TrapezeRigging. (Info from there: Trapeze has a polished stainless steel 1.25” bar with 3/4” nylon rope and comes padded and covered in white material.) I didn’t really want a white one, but that seems like the best deal and I can get over it.  (unless someone knows where to get a colored one for nearly the same price?)

So if you have experience them regarding their trapezes, please let me know!

So, My questions:

  • Is it better to get a Trapeze with or without extensions?
  • How long should the ropes be?
  • How did you rig your Trapeze (ex. Spreader Plate and Carabiners)?
  • TrapezeRigging: Does it come with any Carabiners or attachments or will I have to purchase that separably?
  • Is there anything else I should know?

Also, If you would like to help me with my trapeze fundraiser, please check out and SUPPORT ME IN MY QUEST FOR A TRAPEZE <3

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Hi Ria,

Lots of great questions here! The best place to ask these would also be TrapezeRigging themselves before ordering (i.e. carabiners etc). The length of the ropes depends on your height and how much you'd like to do IN the ropes themselves and how much space you may have training/performing. I'm about 5'3'' and I prefer my ropes to be somewhere between 8-10 feet. Another good approach is to have aerial span-sets so you can lengthen your trapeze... examples here:  Hope this helps and good luck! :)

Christine Lee

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